Maintain your Certificate

Maintain your Certificate

In order to maintain your ISFA-CPT you must renew it every three(3) years. The purpose of this is to ensure that qualified professionals are current with the best-pactice guidelines and the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities in the industry.

Continuing Education

As a Fitness Professional, keeping up your education is probably the single most important aspect of ensuring success in your business next to providing the best service possible for your clients. Every profession requires continuing education, and the Personal Training profession should be no exception.

New research findings keep the fitness industry in a constant state of evolution. New training techniques, physiological findings, weight management approaches, and activity related health responses are published in scientific journals every month.

As a fitness professional, your clients and their families entrust their bodies and lives to you, and turn to you for questions and advice. You must be able to provide them with accurate, current information, and the only way to do that is to continue your education.

Currently, the ISFA Board of Education requires that you take a online exam of 100 multiple questions or be awarded with 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) thru complete others ISFA courses before the expiration of your certificate

The examination has been developed to test minimum level competency and to ensure that all of our credential holders are maintaining a knowledge level that protects the health and safety of the public they serve.

All ISFA-CPT holders have to fully met one of those requirements before the expiration date of their certificate or no more than 60 days after the expiration date to avoid lates fees.

How do I renew my ISFA-CPT?

1. Print and complete the ISFA-CPT Recertification Application, include the re-certification fee of $95, the testing fee of $55 (If applicable) and/or the documentation of 2.0 CEUs from an ISFA course (If applicable).
2. If the application is more than 60 days late of the certificate expiration date, add a $30 late fee, if it’s more than 90 days late add $50 late fee. Do not send cash or personal checks, ISFA only accept money orders (for international students) or cashier checks payable to  ISFA, Inc., also you can pay using your credit card.
3. Remember write a valid email address, you will be notify by email when your Renewal Form is received in our office.
4. Mail all items prior to your certification expiration to: ISFA-Board of Education (ISFA-BOE) P.O. BOX 227141 MIAMI, FL 33222
5. Complete the online ISFA-Continuing Education Exam (ISFA-CEE), if applicable.

Note: To download the ISFA-CPT Recertification Guide you have to log-in the Members Area.