Certified Personal Trainer (ISFA-CPT)

This is a home study program, no travel is necessary. Through ISFA-CPT you will acquire comprehensive knowledge of Human Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Kinesiology, Basic Nutrition, and Injury Prevention, as well as Functional Assessment and Program Desinging for active and sedentary physically healthy individuals and those with special needs. Also you will acquire new skills to help you apply the information right away and start your own personal training business or work for a health club.

Join the top professionals in the industry and enroll now in the ISFA-CPT course. Click here to view the content of our textbook (First Edition).

  1. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent
  2. Basic understanding of anatomy and resistance/cardiovascular training
  3. Basic familiarity with resistance training equipment
  4. CPR is not required to take the examination but it’s highly recommended for a fitness professional to have, because clients safety and may be required by employer or to obtain liability insurance.

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For your convenience we are now offering a 3-month Payment Plan for our ISFA-CPT course.
NOTA: You will receive your study materials after your first payment of $170 (includes shipping and handling), but you won’t be able to take the exam until after your final payment.

Upon successful completion and passage you will receive:

  • State of the art Diploma
  • ISFA membership packet with wallet size member ID card
  • Free quarterly email newsletter with important information for you continuing education
  • Obtaining the ISFA-CPT qualifies you for professional liability insurance.


With our ISFA-CPT course up to 5 individuals may enroll at the same time to receive up to a 39% discount. ISFA will ship one set of text materials to one location (the individuals will take separate exams). The best part is, the individuals in the partner program, do not have to take their exams at the same time! Even though this is a partner program, each partner MUST complete his/her own exam. Click here to fill out the ISFA Enrollment Form.

2 Students
ISFA-CPT course
Study guide
2 Different exams
$ 459.00 $ 139.00
3 Students
ISFA-CPT course
Study guide
3 Different exams
$ 629.00 $ 268.00
4 Students
ISFA-CPT course
Study guide
4 Different exams
$ 799.00 $ 397.00
5 Students
ISFA-CPT course
Study guide
5 Different exams
$ 899.00 $ 596.00


  • Select the option that you want to enroll in and press the “Buy Now” button, then complete the ISFA Certification Enrollment Form online, or you can print it and send it to us by mail or by fax. See Enrollment Options.
  • Receive and review all your materials.
  • Complete the online certification exam. Online exam includes 125 multiple choice question.
  • You have up to six(6) months to complete your ISFA-CPT program. You may take your exam once completed anytime prior to the 6 months. Send an email to: [email protected] when you are ready to take the exam and we will send you the instructions.
  • You will need a score of 80% or better to pass your certification exam. ISFA holds the highest level of standards.
  • If you fail your examination you may retake the exam one time at no added cost.
  • If you fail to pass your examination this time you will have to paid a re-testing fee of $50 and we will provide you another test.

NOTE: You will not be issued your certificate until you have fully met these requirements.

Refunds, Returns, Cancellations (Policies)

Fees for home-study materials or exams and online courses are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All enrollments are NON-TRANSFERABLE.


We deliver all the courses materials via US Priority Mail (see Policies & Procedures). Delivery time frames are dependent on the carrier, final destination and customs. ISFA is not responsible for non-delivery of items once it has left our facilities.

Some countries have frequent shipping flights and smooth trade relations with the US, customers from these countries will receive their packages quickly; other countries have less frequent shipping flights and may be subjected to more inspections, shipping times to these countries can be significantly longer. Some areas of the world have slow postal service, customers in these countries may be subjected to a long wait.