Boot Camp Fitness Coach

Boot Camp Fitness Coach Certification (ISFA-BCFC)

This is the opportunity you need to make more money, have more fun, and diversify your fitness career. You will never find another career building tool like the ISFA Boot Camp Fitness Coach Certification program (ISFA-BCFC). With this course you will now have unlimited potential, freedom, creativity with your training and more fun than you ever thought possible.

With the ISFA-BCFC you will learn:

  • Athletic, explosive movement with strength, agility, balance and quickness drills taught Boot Camp style
  • Several workout formats that develop integrated strength, core power and stabilization, and flexibility in an indoor or outdoor environment with or without equipment
  • The most up to date warm-up strategies and techniques with an athletic feel while concentrating on active and dynamic stretches and dynamic movement to heat the body up and prepare the nervous system, muscles and joints
  • How to incorporates quickness drills that stimulate the nervous system and improve foot speed, a conditioning phase that utilizes athletic integrated drills that not only improve muscular strength and endurance but also cardiovascular fitness, athletic ability, postural control and dynamic flexibility
  • The safety aspects of teaching group exercise outside of a health club. Coaching techniques and movement progressions used in this course will demonstrate how to teach a multi-level workout suitable for most populations
  • How the right progressions and movement breakdowns will help people feel more successful. Watch your class grow with these unique effective Boot Camp programs guaranteed to get real fitness results

Statistics validate that 80% of ALL people who exercise do not go to a gym or health club, that’s why Fitness boot camps are the surefire way for any trainer to get more time back in their life while making a lot more money.

By applying the boot camp strategies and workouts in this course you will be able to train a size-able number of clients nearly anyplace without the need for equipment. The main issue is most trainers simply have no idea exactly where to begin when it comes to starting their own fitness boot camps. If you’re thinking about managing a very profitable company, fill out the form below and begin teaching fitness boot camps.