ISFA-CPT Payment Plan (3 installment)


For your convenience we now offer you our Personal Trainer course (ISFA-CPT) in 3 monthly payments.

NOTE: You will receive the study materials after we receive your first payment of $ 170, but you can only take the certification exam until after the last payment is made.


This is a home study program, you don’t need to travel. Through the Certified Personal Trainer (ISFA-CPT) course you will acquire the most complete and current knowledge on Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Kinesiology, Basic Nutrition and Injury Prevention, as well as Preparation and Interpretation of Assessments, Design of Training programs for the active and sedentary population, athletes, bodybuilders and for those with special needs (diabetics, hypertensive, elderly, etc.). In addition you will get new tools and skills that will help you apply the information acquired immediately and thus be able to start your own personal training business or if you want to work in a gym or club. Do not wait any longer and join the select group of successful professionals in the industry and acquire the ISFA Certified Personal Trainer (ISFA-CPT) course now. To view the content of our textbook click here.

Minimum requirements that anyone interested in studying the ISFA Certified Personal Trainer (ISFA-CPT) course must meet:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or its equivalent, depending on the country where you come from.
  • Have a basic understanding of resistance and cardiovascular training.
  • Be familiar with resistance training equipment.
  • The first aid certificate (CPR) is not required to take the Certified Personal Trainer exam, but it is highly recommended for a professional in this field to have it for the safety of their clients and because it could be required to obtain the coverage of a liability insurance and / or by a future employer.

After completing the course and passing the exam you will receive:

  • Recognition Diploma as “ISFA Certified Personal Trainer”
  • License size identification card
  • By obtaining ISFA-CPT you qualify to purchase professional liability insurance.


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