Speed, Agility & Quickness Coach Certification

Speed, Agility & Quickness Coach Certification (ISFA-SAQC)

The ability to change speed and direction of movement and appropriately react to all given stimuli is often the difference between injury and safety or success. Improving speed, change of direction, and reaction time is possible through proper training strategies known as speed, agility, and quickness or SAQ training.

In life and sport, optimal performance is dependent on efficient movement skills. This comprehensive course will provide you with a general understanding of SAQ training concepts and the knowledge to help clients increase performance while decreasing risk of injury. You will learn how to increase vertical jump, improve balance, gain flexibility, develop core power and gain peak performance in sports conditioning. Ideal for trainers and coaches who work with athletes in such sports as: basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, track & field, fighting arts, etc.

The ISFA Speed Agility and Quickness Coach program (ISFA-SAQC) is designed for fitness training professionals who wish to expand their careers and athletes who want to improve sports performance. This unique program will teach you how to create comprehensive SAQ training programs with drills to improve stride frequency, stride length, acceleration, top end speed, deceleration, directional changes, cutting, cross-over ability and more. This course covers all of the mechanics of speed and agility and provides you with over 50 beginning to advanced level drills and exercises to enhance movement speed and quickness.

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