Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Confidentiality: No information submitted to the ISFA will be released to a third party without authorization from the candidate.

Service: ISFA’s Educational Support staff is available Mon-Fri from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, and can be reached via correspondence, e-mails, and phone calls. All inquiries from our students received a priority in ISFA.

Courses: All ISFA tuition courses include your registration fee, study materials, instructional support, examination, and issuance of a certificate upon completion of all course requirements and financial obligation. If the student chooses to attend an on-site seminar, the seminar fee is separate from the course tuition cost. Students must pay tuition fees in addition to the seminar fee to attend the seminar.

NOTE: Some ISFA courses have include the textbook in their registration fee, some not. Students have to read carefully the information course before start the enrollment process.

Shipping: Shipping cost is separate from tuition cost. Shipping and handling fees for the continental United States total $15.00, Canada $41.00, and International Orders $60.00. Students will assume increased shipping costs incurred for special shipping arrangements, if requested. International students assume payment of applicable custom duties, difference in exchange rates, and increased shipping costs. Payment: The total price of the courses includes all the materials described in our literature. (ISFA has the right to update or replace materials as long as the instructional content has not changed) ISFA accept payments online through its website. Students also can pay with Money Orders (International students) or Bank Checks payable to ISFA, Inc., and send them to ISFA-Board of Education (ISFA-BOE):

ISFA-BOE P.O. BOX 227141 MIAMI, FL 33222 USA

NOTE: Do not send cash or personal checks.

Delivery: ISFA deliver all the courses materials via US Priority Mail. Delivery time frames are dependent on the carrier, final destination and customs. ISFA is not responsible for non-delivery of items once it has left our facilities.

International Delivery: Some countries have frequent shipping flights and smooth trade relations with the US, customers from these countries will receive their packages quickly; other countries have less frequent shipping flights and may be subjected to more inspections, shipping times to these countries can be significantly longer. Some areas of the world have slow postal service; customers in these countries may be subjected to a long wait.

Graduation: Students must have a passing score of 80% or better on all sections of a seminar, home study or online examination. All fees must be paid in full. Upon successful completion of their course and financial obligation, students will be awarded an authorized certificate. All students are allowed up to six (6) months from the date of enrollment to complete their course. If students have not earned their certification at the conclusion of their initial 6 months enrollment period, students will be required to pay a re-enrollment fee of $95.00 and they will have another 6 months to complete it. Student may submit their exam once completed anytime prior to the 6 months. Students can petition for up to 3 months extensions. Petitions must be received prior to the enrollment period expiration date. An extension fee of $49.00 shall apply to each extension.

NOTE: Students who successfully complete the course before reaching 18 years of age will not receive certification until they turn 18.

Retesting: If students fail to pass the examination they may retake the exam one time at no added cost. (This is know as the second attempt at the examination) Each retest beyond the second attempt (e.g., third attempt, fourth attempt, etc.) will incur a $50.00 retesting fee and ISFA will send to the student another test.

Renewal: ISFA Certificate Personal Trainer (ISFA-CPT) is valid for 3 years and is renewable by completing the ISFA Continuing Education Exam (ISFA-CEE) or be awarded 2.0 CEUs from any ISFA’s Educational Programs, and submitting a $95.00 renewal fee. Refund &

Cancellation Policy: Fees for Home Study materials or exams and On-line courses or workshops are non-refundable. All enrollments are non-transferable.

Complaints: Direct any questions or problems to: [email protected] or call free: 855-329-ISFA (4732).

* All costs and fees describes in this document are in US dollars.